Sunset Hills History

Roy was manager of our Guymon Golf Course for many years, one of the best. Henry Wacker and I owned a ranch southwest of Trinidad, Colorado, with thousands of pinon trees all over. On one of our trips to Trinidad, Roy suggested we dig up some of those trees, re-plant them on the Guymon course. So with volunteer help, Melvin Campbell, with his backhoe, and several others taking their pickups and U-Hauls, we dug, bagged, and brought to Guymon a hundred or more trees. Roy had them planted all over our course. They all lived, and now a quarter century later beautify our course. I still marvel how we get things done in our No Man’s Land community with Laborers, Laymen, and Professional men all donating their time at no cost, to our beautiful 18-hole Guymon, golf course.